Curso ‘Introduction to Data Journalism’

Entre 8 e 12 de Julho ministro o curso “Introduction to Data Journalism” na FCSH, em Lisboa. Inscrições até 30 de Junho. Mais informações aqui. Segue a descrição do curso:

Data Journalism is trending. Data visualizations are published on a regular basis from legacy newspapers like the New York Times and the Guardian to news sites such as Nexo and FiveThirtyEight. Find, collect, clean, analyze and visualize data are skills increasingly appreciated in newsrooms and elsewhere.

This introductory course will show where to find data in Portugal and abroad; how to collect and use big datasets; how to analyze the data using spreadsheets; and how to choose the right visualization for your data. We will also introduce a set of free tools to help present the data in an efficient way.

Participants will learn best practices for working in data journalism and visual storytelling. Sample datasets will be provided for the participants, but they are also encouraged to bring their own dataset.