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How to make a hit Hollywood film

Gráfico interativo permite comparar o desempenho de centenas de filmes usando diferentes parâmetros. A partir dessa análise, The Economist sugere fórmula para criar um arrasa-quarteirão:

First, create a child-friendly superhero film with plenty of action and scope for turning it into a franchise. Set your budget at an impressive but not reckless $85m. Convince a major studio to distribute it on wide release in the summer (when releases earn an average of $15m more than at other times). Lastly, cast two lead actors with a solid but unspectacular box-office history, who are thus not too expensive. With reasonable reviews from critics and the audience alike, your film should make around $125m at the American box office. But do it for the money, not the plaudits: such a film would have just a one-in-500 chance of carrying off an Oscar for Best Picture.

Fonte: Daily chart: How to make a hit Hollywood film | The Economist